Thursday, August 28, 2008

Persecuted Christians

Christians: Did you get to church OK last Sunday? Are you sure no one saw you?
Worldwide, it's still dangerous to believe in Jesus Christ; in Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Kenya, and many other parts of the world being caught celebrating Christmas, or spotted while tiptoeing from farmhouse to farmhouse before dawn on the way to church, means beatings, confiscation of your property, prison, torture, even execution for many.
I worked with a woman from Kenya who told me she worries about her family, who are still in that East African land. She said she fears for their lives as they make their cautious way to church every Sunday. But still they go to church.
If you are reading this in a predominantly Christian country it's easy to ignore or forget the persecuted Christians of the world. We meet for snacks, laugh out loud, share the afternoon with our church friends, and think of all this as the norm. But we have freedom most of the world can barely imagine.
Would you like to know how to help your brothers and sisters who face prison and more for their faith?
I invite you to visit the website or blog of Voice of the Martyrs, an international organization dedicated to supporting the persecuted Christians of the world.

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