Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you trying to tell me something?

A new acquaintance asked me how to post comments on Rule One, Rule Two or Reason Supports Belief. I agreed to find out what was wrong with my blogs.
It seems I hadn't set the comment settings to let everyone post. It's all fixed now.
If a post has no comments yet, there will be text under it that says "0 Comments". Click there. If it has comments already, click the text that says, "Post a comment". A box will appear in which you can type your comment. Click the "Publish your comment" button.
Some funny-looking stuff will appear. Type it into a new box as the instructions on the screen direct you to. Then click "publish" again. If you are a Blogger member you won't have to type the funny stuff, as you are probably aware. It's just to keep spammers from filling these pages with stuff I don't want to read and I doubt many other people do either.